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reference : 2467            Price : 31000 00 RS

The purchase of parking is now a popular investment among
more or less seasoned investors in all major urban centers.
Its low capitalization, the low management fees and good profitability
are a prime target.
Some essential criteria must however be taken into account before
the acquisition of a car such as the location, the size of the fleet
in the region and competition.


The land on which the project will come is one of the last land
available in this area of the city.
So this is one of the last parking projects to emerge, the number of
Private parking is going to remain stable in the coming years.
In a situation where public parking shrink and the park
Automotive believes.


Why investing in car park
1. Background
So you have to understand that the development of the automotive market
supported by the different funding opportunities, increased power
Céarences purchasing as well as common to all urban development
cities aims to reduce the number of free and free parking spaces.
We compared the number of cars increases.
It makes sense to focus on the purchase of parking in congested neighborhoods.
Investment in Parking Box Storage is also appreciated by a number
increasing investors in major cities.
This also reflects the will of megacities to think in terms of
district by increasing green spaces and removing "board spaces
road "to make room for bike paths and private parking.
The advantages of parking are obvious even if this investment
does not appear initially as obvious.
Conversely a purchase of apartment or office, there is on all
urban real estate markets, easier management, lower costs, a contribution in
significantly lower capital.
In addition to the liquidity of the rarity of this type of product make this product
safe and effective investment in terms of rental income and valuation
Real Estate.
(Ex: In Paris the average cost of an apartment now revolves around
5% on average, while the car parks remain at 8%)
Parking part of real estate products, it applies the same legislation.


The advantages:
? Low capitalization (Currently you can buy in Fortaleza 10
Car parks for the price of an old 50m2 is 300,000.00 RS)
? Low risk.
? Almost non-existent maintenance costs (that is a simple concrete block)
? Good rental income
? Good property valuation.
? Low loads.


Opportunities for investors.
Two options are available to investors wishing to acquire a parking space.
? Buy / sell: Ability to do this before or after delivery,
at any time of the project's progress.
? Heritage Constitution: The objective is to benefit from monthly pensions
rents and valuation of the property.
Currently the price for this type of monthly rental for this type of
Parking is R $ 250.00; you can increase your profitability
offering rent on time at a price of $ 6,00R / hour.

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